Collecting royalties from YouTube videos that use your music

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Collect royalties when anyone anywhere in the world uploads a youtube video containing your music
It is very surprising that 90% of independent music is still not registered in YouTube's Content ID system and most people don't even know about it. It works by scanning for registered music in videos accross YouTube, such as video gameplay footage using your music in the background, and runs advertisements on videos where matches are detected in order to generate royalties to you. There are some musicians that actually make a living off of just this but for most it is an easy passive supplemental source that helps pay for studio expenses.
Orfium provides Content ID services and unlike the PROs, it pays quickly following the end of every month and reports to you every single video URL your music has claimed. If you have music available anywhere on the internet there is a good chance there are videos somewhere on YouTube using your music that you don't know about and aren't getting paid for.
Many distributors and large labels also provide this service if you opt-in however many only have the power to monetize Sound Recordings and do so through 3rd parties. At Orfium we have a direct partnership with YouTube with no middle-man and the power to properly monetize both your Sound Recordings and Compositions. Claimed videos generate 50% more royalties when both rights are asserted together as opposed to just the Sound Recording alone. A Composition also has the power to claim cover songs and other derivative works that make use of your melody and therefore generates more total claims than a Sound Recording as well.
If you have a channel on YouTube with partnership privleges, then you may have limited access to Content ID, however it will only match samples of videos you upload but will not generate audio-only matches which make up the majority of claims. In order to register your audio you must do so through a YouTube Content ID admin such as Orfium or your label / distributor. Also if you don't have partnership privileges with YouTube, we have a multi-channel network (MCN) through which we can grant those privileges to you. Orfium's payout rate is 80% for Content ID and 90% on the MCN. To get started all you have to do is upload your music to Orfium and enable YouTube Monetization in your upload settings, and if you are interested in the MCN then email us with your YouTube channel information.
If you believe you are already registered through another service provider, just make sure you are getting detailed statements. If you don't see a separate line item for YouTube Content ID and aren't recieving video reports, then are probably missing these royalties. Also make sure that both your Sound Recording and Composition rights are being represented because if not then you are missing out on 50% more royalties.
I hope you found this information helpful. We also have many other projects going on at Orfium to empower artists that you should check out. Orfium is a front-facing social retail music platform built on a licensing and rights management back-end. You can support our mission by utilizing our YouTube services which helps fund us and keep us independent of investors so we can maintain control and stay true to the cause, and it's a great service that generates royalties for you which is a truly win-win. 
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