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8:34 AM Posted by Skinny Legs and All

I started taking piano when I was about eight, and it was then that I started to see how much music was really out there, and it got me exploring. Piano gave me a good sense of music technique, taught me to sight read treble and bass clef, as well as all of the notes and their relationships. I first picked up a bass guitar in February 2007 because the jam band at my school needed a bassist. I knew how to play Smoke on the Water, but with the help of my dad, I was able to learn two James Brown tunes. From there I essentially taught myself different techniques and started to learn the fret board just by playing with the band. Learning songs helped train my ears. Playing bass helped me discovered what notes sounded good together, and being with a band helped realize that overplaying does not sound good.

Based on my music background you would’ve never guessed I was in a blues band. Although my music taste has expanded to almost any genre, it used to only be hard rock and metal. Only until I actually started playing blues, funk, and soul, did I see how they were truly the foundations of music today.

I would say that my main influence on the bass would be Victor Wooten. My dad really wanted me getting started on either guitar or bass around the beginning of 6th grade. I was kind of leaning towards guitar, but then my dad showed me some videos of Victor and I was just floored. I thought that it was so out-of-this-world that I just couldn’t resist.

I love playing and being with Skinny Legs and All. I’m great friends with all of the members, and sharing that feeling of being on stage with my band mates is just priceless-especially when I’m playing the kind of music that I love. Playing music with my band mates is also a way of letting go of any problems or worries I may be having . Skinny Legs and All is such an absolutely great opportunity - I love it, and am very thankful for it.
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