How artists can stand up to exploitation

10:11 AM Posted by Skinny Legs and All


Creation of a digital music system that works for everyone is not unreasonable. In fact this is very achievable and already happening. There is no longer any reason to accept exploitation by monopolistic platforms that primarily serve corporate interests. It's up to you to decide whether to continue supporting and working for a greedy system or stop feeding it and collaborate to manifest a new system that works for you.

Orfium is a new revolutionary social music marketplace for music professionals and listeners that puts artists in complete control of monetization, licensing, and distribution of music. You can upload directly or automatically import your music from SoundCloud. Check out the YouTube video below for more details:

Unlimited hosting is complimentary and Orfium provides much greater flexibility and more useful tools than any alternative out there. Most importantly we value each and every artist and our highest directive is our belief in our purpose to serve the entire music community.

All that remains to do is spread the word and unite independent artists to help us make the change. We look forward to serving you in the brighter future!

Warmest Regards,

The Orfium Team

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